Plastic hybrids

Plastic/metal combinations manufactured using precision injection moulding

Plastic hybrids combine the design freedom of plastic with the mechanical or electrical functions of metal inserts. Our products protect highly sensitive electronics, sensor technology or other sensitive components from external influences and mechanical damage. Furthermore, they establish electrical contact to another assembly and provide stable, mechanical attachment points. For this purpose 2E mechatronic manufactures high quality sensor housings, contact frames and other hybrids using fully and semi-automated, high precision processes. The components are completed and tested in accordance with the customer’s specific requirements.

Contacts, bushings and other inserts are overmoulded with a thermoplastic. This is selected according to the technical requirements of mechanical stability, electrical insulation capacity, media resistance and shape. Contacts, mainly on a stamped strip, are bent and separated on the machine. Alternatively, contacts as well as bushings can be processed as bulk material. Robots or linear systems transport the individual inserts into the injection mould. To minimize the infiltration of electrically conductive particles, which can cause short circuits, extremely precise positioning and repeatability is necessary. Our extensive experience ensures that grippers and moulds are designed so that tinsel simply does not occur. For high quantities the assembly process and the residual cooling time needed take place outside the injection unit. This is facilitated by means of turntable systems or with a mould carrier transport system. Subsequently it is possible to carry out additional assembly steps such as the application of membranes or seals. For this 2E relies on all tried and tested technologies available on the market. To ensure the quality of the component as well as the processes the necessary tests can be implemented automatically in the machine.

We look forward to receiving your enquiry and will be happy to provide you with information on the possibilities for customer-specific designs.

Areas of application

Possible areas of application for 2E plastic hybrids are wherever electronics, sensor technology or other sensitive components

  • must be protected from environmental influences or mechanical damage
  • must be mechanically fixed
  • must be electrically connected to a superior assembly

At present, our housings are installed in many automotive sensor applications.

About 2E mechatronic

2E mechatronic develops and manufactures plastic hybrids and electronics in Kirchheim unter Teck for a wide range of applications in the areas of automotive, industrial automation and medical technology. This includes, among others, classic plastic hybrids such as sensor housings, contact frames and connectors. Our portfolio also comprises mechatronic components such as inclination sensors, sensor elements as well as a variety of MID-based products (multifunctional 3D interconnect devices) such as LED lighting modules.

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More products

  • MID-based lighting solutions for miniaturised applications

    MID-based lighting solutions for miniaturised applications

    Lighting based on MID technology allows the use of the smallest of lamps. They are employed, for example, in medical technology or vehicle construction, but can also be adapted to suit individual requirements. Apart from a slightly higher purchase price LED light elements have only advantages compared to conventional halogen lamps.

  • MID Technology

    MID Technology

    The term MID stands for Mechatronic Integrated Devices (multi-functional 3-D circuit carriers). The processes mentioned here are employed in the manufacture of circuit carriers which, because they are multi-functional, can be used in many places. They differ mainly in terms of tool costs, flexibility, 3-D capability and degree of miniaturisation. MID allows the reduction of component diversity and a shortening of the process chain. Thanks to decades of experience 2E mechatronic GmbH & Co.KG is one of the market leaders in the field of MID technology.

  • Inclination sensor

    Inclination sensor

    Sensor technology is indispensable for monitoring industrial and automatic processes. Continuous monitoring and as short a reaction time as possible are top priorities in ensuring that the high standard of quality expected of a modern company is maintained. Modern sensor technology as well as the resulting data form the basis of further digitalisation of products and processes in the wake of Industry 4.0.